SIA "Metinātava"

Workshop address:
"Jaunrobežnieki", Mārupe

+371 29333002 (Latvia)
+353 857477928 (Ireland)





Metinātava performs aluminium, stainless steel and steel welding works!

We provide professional welding services both in our workshop and at the client's objects, therefore, we liberate the client from the concerns about dismantling and transportation of metal constructions. Professional equipment will allow as to perform quality welding work on construction sites and private houses as well.

Metinātava manufactures following items on demand:

  • structural steel
  • manufacturing equipment
  • stairs
  • handrails
  • fences
  • gates
  • parts
  • worktables
  • various metal items

Metinātava will fulfil all client's ideas!

Call +371 29333002 and we will come to agreement!



Metinātava provides full cycle metalworking, including turnery service.

In our workshop turnery works are done with great care and professionalism. Turnery works are custom, we take into account the client's needs and capabilities. Our turner will advise the best and safest possible solution.

Turnery services are useful to many various professionals!

Call +371 29333002 and we will come to an agreement!


About Us

Metinātava is a family business based on responsibility, expertise and honesty.

Jānis is an expert in metalworking with an experience of more than 10 years in welding, construction steel mounting and construction of sports cars. Jānis will provide answers to all technical questions and nuances. Jānis will advise the most efficient and safest solution!

Contact Jānis: +371 29333002 and

Ausma is an expert in paperwork and will provide answers to questions about prices, contracts and invoices.

Contact Ausma: +371 28343859 and

About Ireland orders please call our manager +353 857477928 or send an e-mail:


SIA "Metinātava"

Workshop address: Šampētera Street 36, Riga

Legal address: Misa No.189, Baldone District, LV-2125

Registration no.: LV50103742941

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SIA "Metinātava" team does a very honest, fast and professional job, the good price on the service is an additional bonus. I definitely advise to trust welding and metalworking work to the employees of "Metinātava".

Liene Satovska, head of SIA „Sator Digital"